Level 7 Leadership and Management – Our Next Challenge

These are interesting times and I’m excited about our latest challenge which is to add ILM Leadership and Management Level 7 to the portfolio of ILM qualifications we are able to offer.  Over the next few months we’ll be working with ILM to acheive approval for this qualification and it seems as though we are doing this at a most opportune time as ILM will imminently be announcing significant changes to their level 7 provision and we’re really pleased to be part of the new initiative.

Working in partnership with Keith Willis Associates and Winchester University we have a brilliant opportunity to trial our first programme in the Spring of 2014.

Successful approval of the level 7 qualification will provide us with a full leadership and management profile, ranging from team leader and first line manager to stratgic leadership.

Independent Learner Route – PROGRAMME LAUNCH

We’ve been happily running our level 3 Leadership and Management programmes since 2008 and we know we have a product which clients value – whether they are the employer paying for the course or the person attending.  Increasingly we are being approached by individuals who’d like to come on one of our courses, but since we don’t operate open programmes we’ve been unable to accommodate these enquiries.  The emergence of new technologies and, in particular, the growth of the MOOC made us think that perhaps there was a more innovative approach we could consider.  We chatted with Rachel Poole from ILM about our ideas and so the Independent Learner Route for our level 3 Leadership and Management programme was born!

It’s not a particularly inspiring title, but it does what it says and offers individual learners a pathway through our programme providing them with access to a blended set of materials. We still have some contact time, though this is limited to the beginning and end of the programme with some opportunity to meet up in the middle.

Having acquired a small number of delegates we lauched our pilot on the 14th January with something we inauspicoiusly described as a ‘kick off’ event at College Hall, Leicester.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how this 12 week pilot programme works and have high hopes of taking it forward into the future

APPLE Leadership and Management – Here we go again!

It’s great to start another Apple Programme at Nottingham University and I’m really looking forward to working with these women over the next 4 months, helping them develop their confidence and skills in leadership and management and learning more about the challenges they face within the higher education sector.  I can’t believe that this is now our 8th group in as many years and the programme is as popular and well subscribed as ever!

Level 5 Leadership and Management – New Cohort

We’re off!  Our latest group of level 5 candidates is starting on their level 5 journey.  A great mix of academic and adminstrative staff from Nottingham University are the latest folks to sign up for the level 5 Leadership and Management programme.  We’ll be looking in particular at the context of strategic leadership, issues of change and helping them to develop individual innovation projects.   Starting in October this year we’ll be looking to compete this program early 2014.

Book Review: Business Training

Jenny’s review of the Financial Times Guide to Business Training 2013 was published this week in Industrial and Commercial Training journal, Vol. 45  No. 7

Here’s what she thought…

I enjoyed reviewing this book and particulary appreciated the focus and attention given to the ‘business’ part of business training.  The authors have much to say about the value of linking training expressly to the outcomes and challenges of the business.  The first question they ask any client is not ‘what training do you want?’ but ‘where’s your business going in the next six months?’

We’ve taken this on board as see it as confirmation of the way in which we also like to operate.  We want to have conversations with our clients which reflect the same ideas, so that – working in partnership with them – our over-riding aim is to help to promote their business through the development of their people.

Useful Converstations – ILM Networking Meeting

Mike and I attended a really useful workshop in Cambridge, hosted by the ILM and led by Lesley Poole.  The idea behind this pilot event was for centres to meet, network and find out more about raising our profiles on the ILM website.

Brilliantly timed to coincide with our plans to improve our web presence this was a great opportunity to think about how we can link with the ILM. It also gave us chance to find out more about the research conducted by ILM and how we can use this in our own business and to the benefit of our clients and learners – great stuff.  A well spent morning.  We can away with plenty of good ideas and an opportunity to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the ‘backs’ by the Cam!

Book Review: Negotiations: How to Achieve Win Win Outcomes

Jenny’s book review on the Financial Times Essential Guide to Negotiations by Geof Cox was published this week in the Industrial and Commercial Training journal, Vol: 45, No: 3.

Here’s what she thought…

I really like the Financial Times Essential Guides Series as they provide great introductions to subjects and this book is no exception.  I’ve been designing and delivering courses on negotiation skills for many years and have always based the content of my programmes on achieving win-win solutions.  This book is written from the same basis and uses the work of Gavin Kennedy as a source and starting point for developing negotiations skills. There’s lots of good ideas here – and for me – a great reminder of and return to negotiation skills.

Project Management: University of Hertfordshire

We were delighted in April to work with the University of Hertfordshire helping some of their academic staff to develop their approaches to project management, particularly in relation to the commercial aspects of running a project. We enjoyed to opportunity to helping them work through the sorts of issues which arise when project teams are drawn from different sectors and to identify ways to best make this work for all stakeholders.

Business in a Snippet

Business Boosts

Free workshops to help your business grow
New for spring 2013 GWA is offering a short series of free ‘short burst’ workshops to help your business grow

Because we know you are busy people we are offering free short workshops in key areas which we feel are essential business skills you need for your business.  Between January and July we will be offering one Business Boost afternoon per month – each afternoon offers the opportunity for you to meet and network with other business people as well as two 45 minute workshop sessions.

Launching on January 28th 2013, at the LCB Depot in Leicester our first in this series will be  
‘everything is negotiable’.
Being able to liaise and negotiate with others is an essential part of business and yet very few of us are confident that we do this well.

Session 1: 2.00 – 2.45 Planning Negotiations
‘failure to plan is planning to fail!’ Classic advice isn’t it and we are sure that you’ve heard this before – but it’s true and good negotiators know it. Research shows us that successful negotiators will spend longer on planning their negotiations than average negotiators and as a result will increase the benefits of the outcomes they achieve. In this session we’ll share some simple and effective techniques for planning your encounters and negotiations so that when you get there you know what you want to achieve and won’t feel as though you are on the back foot!

Session 2: 3.15 – 4.00 Dealing with People – Achieving the Win-Win
Some people will tell you that all negotiations are combative and that you should win at all costs – don’t give anything away and make sure end up with everything you want!  In reality excellent negotiators realise that building relationships is key to future business success and the best way to get what you want is to work towards results which benefit all those involved – not just one party.  In this session we shall take a look at the skills you need to work with others, develop professional relationships and also work with those who we might find challenging!

You are welcome to join us for both sessions, or just one – or if you just want to come and have a coffee with us and pick our brains – that’s fine too!

Give your business the edge – come along and join us for a useful and productive afternoon building your negotiation skills