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Business Boosts

Free workshops to help your business grow
New for spring 2013 GWA is offering a short series of free ‘short burst’ workshops to help your business grow

Because we know you are busy people we are offering free short workshops in key areas which we feel are essential business skills you need for your business.  Between January and July we will be offering one Business Boost afternoon per month – each afternoon offers the opportunity for you to meet and network with other business people as well as two 45 minute workshop sessions.

Launching on January 28th 2013, at the LCB Depot in Leicester our first in this series will be  
‘everything is negotiable’.
Being able to liaise and negotiate with others is an essential part of business and yet very few of us are confident that we do this well.

Session 1: 2.00 – 2.45 Planning Negotiations
‘failure to plan is planning to fail!’ Classic advice isn’t it and we are sure that you’ve heard this before – but it’s true and good negotiators know it. Research shows us that successful negotiators will spend longer on planning their negotiations than average negotiators and as a result will increase the benefits of the outcomes they achieve. In this session we’ll share some simple and effective techniques for planning your encounters and negotiations so that when you get there you know what you want to achieve and won’t feel as though you are on the back foot!

Session 2: 3.15 – 4.00 Dealing with People – Achieving the Win-Win
Some people will tell you that all negotiations are combative and that you should win at all costs – don’t give anything away and make sure end up with everything you want!  In reality excellent negotiators realise that building relationships is key to future business success and the best way to get what you want is to work towards results which benefit all those involved – not just one party.  In this session we shall take a look at the skills you need to work with others, develop professional relationships and also work with those who we might find challenging!

You are welcome to join us for both sessions, or just one – or if you just want to come and have a coffee with us and pick our brains – that’s fine too!

Give your business the edge – come along and join us for a useful and productive afternoon building your negotiation skills