Recruiting and Selecting Staff

recruitment-stampA key aspect of building a business is building the team and taking on new staff.  Core to getting this right is being clear about the role and knowing how to find the best person to fill it. Our recruitment and selection programme will take you through the whole process from writing the job description to making the new person feel welcome.  We’ll make sure you know your legal responsibilities as an employer and develop your skills as an interviewer and selector.

Typical areas we expect to cover:

  • Defining the role – what is the purpose of this role and what skills do you need the person to have to fulfil this effectively? We’ll show you how to write clear and excellent job descriptions and person specifications, vital documents which form the basis of any effective recruitment process.
  • Advertising the post – making sure that you promote your vacancy in the right place and in the best way to attract the candidate you want
  • Identifying selection criteria – when you are selecting people for a post you need to be very clear on what it is they are supposed to do and to what level.  We’ll help you to define what you are looking for and also work out with you the best ways of testing candidates to see if they can deliver
  • Running the process - did you know that there’s more to recruitment than interviewing? Most people concentrate on the interview as the essential part of the the process but there are many ways you can test and investigate whether someone is the right person for your job.  We’ll explore a full range of methods and ideas to help you choose the best way of selecting staff. We’ll also look at the key administrative parts of the process such as liaising with candidates, chairing the selection panel and checking eligibility to work in the UK
  • Interviewing techniques – we’ll take you through all the skills you need to enable you to interview effectively, from question setting, dealing with answers and using things like the ‘funnel technique’ to dig deeper! You might not become the next Jeremy Paxman, but you will feel confident to ask the right questions.
  • Making the decision – sticking to the selection criteria and making sure you get the right person, for the right reason.  Letting candidates know they haven’t got the job and providing feedback.  This is the bit that can sometimes go wrong and land you in sticky ground!
  • The legal context – any job you offer will be governed by UK employment law.  We’ll give you a sufficient understanding of the current implications of this law and what responsibilities it places on you as an employer.  We can’t make you into legal experts but we can make sure you know enough to get it right!

Typical course length:

To get a full understanding and to develop skills we’ll probably want to work with you for a day, maybe two.  It is possible to gain a broad, introductory, overview of recruiting in half a day, but we usually find that people come back for more!