Writing for Business

writing-stampOK – we can all write! But do you know how to write most effectively for your business? Do you know how to write a report that will engage and interest people?  What was the last thing you wrote for your business – did it get the response you wanted – was it successful – how do you know?

Typical topics covered:

  • Making my point- every document you produce has a purpose.  We’ll help you to make sure that you know what this is so that when people read your work they’ll know exactly what they are supposed to do in response.
  • Structure – we all know about beginnings-middles-and-endings but sometimes people seem to forget the basics of establishing a narrative.  We’ll show you how do this and how to structure your writing so that you say the right things in the right place for maximum impact.
  • Design – do your documents look inviting? Would you want to read them or is the presentation so dense and turgid that you just can’t face it?  We’ll show you how to use white space and layout to make your writing accessible, we’ll help you choose the right fonts and make good design choices.  This matters even for the shortest of documents and can be particularly important for email and text communication – so don’t think this is just for long documents and major reports!
  • Language – there’s lot’s we can talk about when it comes to the language you decide to use.  We’ll help you to choose the right tone and level for your writing and also show you some tools you can use to work out how readable your work is.  We’ll also grapple with those tricky subjects of grammar and spelling!
  • Review and editing – we’ll provide you with some criteria for reviewing your writing and encourage you to spend time editing your work.  We’ll help you decide what to leave in and what to cut out to make your documents more effective.

Typical course length:

One day is good for covering the basics and having time to practise on your own material.