About Us

Before you start working with us we’re sure you’d like to know a little more about who we are and the way we operate, so here’s a few thoughts on our

  • history
  • mission statement
  • people


GWA was established in 1996 initially providing computer consultancy.  In 2000 we diversified into training and development providing a complete range of courses for professional skills and personal development. In 2008 we became and accredited centre for the Institute of Leadership and Managment (ILM) and our focus is now on developing leaders and managers.  This is a brief synopsis of our business.  For a more comprehensive and very personal account of building the business you could read GWA What’s the Story – ‘pin money and a bit on the side’

mission statement

Our mission is quite simple  – to help people and businesses to grow and develop and to get the best out of all the resources they have.  We believe that given the right encouragement and support people can do great things in the workplace.  Unfortunately we also believe the converse to be true – ignore people and treat them badly and they won’t  be much help to you.  In our experience most people want to do their best, both for themselves and for the businesses they work in – most of us thrive on success not failure – so our mission is to help and encourage people to succeed by working through the barriers that might be getting in the way, giving people the skills they need  and focussing of positive development.


we offer value for money by operating with a small and dynamic team – this means that you pay for what you get and that you are not paying loads of money to support a back room operation.

At the core of the business are Mike Wilkinson and Jenny Wilkinson, directors of GWA.  Our key associates are Tony Barradell and John Doidge who both provide significant input into our programmes in terms of strategy and facilitation.  We also have other associates who bring specialisms to certain courses bringing more expertise and value.  You can read about each of our associates on their ‘people’ page