logoWorking with the Institute of Leadership and Management we are currently able to offer a range of accreditation options from level 3 through to 5 (we are seeking approval for levels 2 and 7 and anticipate having these available by April 2014).  We have chosen to work with ILM because of their focus on impact in the workplace. All their assessments are designed to transfer learning back into the work environment and are highly reflective in nature (as opposed to tests of knowledge) – it’s good that someone knows something and even better if they can and do apply it!

GWA Accreditation Portfolio

GWA has been an ILM Centre since 2008 and is approved to run the following accredited programmes:

  • Team Leadership (Certificate) Level 2 (currently seeking ILM approval)
  • Leadership and Management Skills (Award, Certificate and Diploma) Level 3
  • Leadership and Management Skills (Award, Certificate and Diploma) Level 5
  • Leadership and Management Skills (Certificate) Level 7 (currently seeking ILM approval)
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Award and Certificate) Level 3
  • Coaching and Mentoring (Award and Certificate) Level 3

If accreditation is something you’d like then we are happy to deliver that for you, and we can offer three types of qualification at this level, a concise Award, a broader Certificate or the in depth Diploma.  Your choice will dictate how much we include in the programme and how long the programme might last – for example, an Award could be achieved with a couple of days teaching and some independent learning, whilst a Diploma would be several taught days, plus a significant amount of independent learning over a period of six to twelve months.  We’ll help you decide which one best suits your requirements.

Accreditation Levels: What do the  ‘Levels’ mean and are they equivalent to?

The National Qualifications Framework is a credit transfer system developed for qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  This means that this qualification can be compared and aligned with other qualification.  There are nine qualification levels as represented in this diagram:


The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

ILM is an accrediting body for leadership and management qualifications offering professional membership to practitioners at all levels and stages of their career.  Through their research they are at the leading edge of the latest developments in leadership and management thinking fully aware of emerging trends and best practice. All learners who are registered with the ILM have access to a comprehensive range of learning resources and latest publications via ‘studying membership of the ILM).  For more information on the ILM visit their website.

ILM web screenshot