Leadership and Management Portfolio

“A leader is someone who is able to develop and communicate a vision which gives meaning to the work of others. It is a task too important to be left only to those at the top of organisations.  Leaders are needed at all levels and in all situations

Charles Handy

No matter what size your organisation we expect that you will have people who are leading and managing people and projects throughout your business.   We provide learning and development opportunities which are tailored and appropriate for the level of work people are doing – whether they are managing for the first time or responsible for the strategic development of your business.

The GWA Leadership and Management Development Portfolio – in a nutshell…

At GWA we have spent many years with leaders, managers and organisations thinking about the skills and abilities people need to perform this key role professionally.  We’ve met lots of people working in these areas, and we believe we know what they are usually confident in, what they are scared of and what they typically want help with.   We’ve developed our own idea of the key competencies needed by leaders and managers and put them into this handy diagram! As you read through our Leadership and Management Portfolio you’ll find that everything we cover is included somewhere in this model…

LAM-Circle-2It’s impossible to neatly categorise all managers and leaders and so  we’ve broadly divided our Leadership and Management Portfolio into four key areas, using terms that people typically use to describe these roles:

It’s best to use these titles as a starting point and then check out our web pages and documentation to see which are most appropriate for you.  We’ve produced a small guide to our Portfolio which you can download here: Flyer Leadership and Management Portfolio. You’ll find much more detail and more brochures on our website pages.

Our development experiences help people to face and tackle areas which both they, and their organisation, need them to excel at.  To help people grow and develop in their leadership and management roles we offer, not just the typical taught training courses but associated opportunities to reflect on and develop professional practice.  We encourage our learners to get involved in peer-to-peer learning through activities such as action learning and we provide individual, a one to one learning support throughout.  Finally, if it suits the individual and the organisation, our learners can receive formal recognition for their development in the form of a nationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.