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LAM Banner Photo 1full-set-bannerWe understand that there is a range of key professional skills people need to develop and use to operate effectively within business. A good understanding of the basic principles of project management is invaluable. There’s bound to be a bottom line so knowing how the finances affect your business is vital for success.  At some point you may be recruiting staff – done well this brings great people into the company – done badly and you’ll end up with the wrong person in post – or worse – in court!  Hardly any of us can avoid meetings – so let’s make the most of them by knowing how to lead, chair and contribute to them correctly.   Whether it be a two minute pitch at a networking meeting or a full blown conference presentation you’re going to have to demonstrate your ideas and your business – don’t let your ideas be let down by poor presentation skills.

We offer a range of topics which can be delivered as full day training, short workshops or included as part of larger events such as team away days and conferences.  Most of these topics can also attract ILM accreditation which can contribute towards a leadership and management qualification.

Contact us for more information – I am interested in attending a course

Contact us for more information – I am interested in this for my staff

  • introduction to project management – if you’re new to project management we can help you understand the key features of projects and what your role as a project manager should be
  • leading and managing projects - making sure that your projects are clearly aligned with needs of your business, helping you to monitor and evaluate outcomes and impact
  • recruiting and selecting staff - making sure that you get the right people in your team and avoiding the legal pitfalls
  • make meetings work - stop wasting time in meetings and make sure they work for you!
  • delivering brilliant presentations – getting your message across, working with nerves, making the best use of presentation aids, building your presentation techniques for both formal and informal situations
  • writing appropriately for business – using the written word to communicate with clarity and make the best impression without overwhelming people with huge reports