Personal Effectiveness Portfolio

LAM Banner Photo 3As well as a range of business skills we also need to know how to operate professionally at work to get the best out of ourselves and the situations in which we find ourselves.  We offer a range of topics which can be delivered as full day training, short workshops or included as part of larger events such as team away days and conferences.  Most of these topics can also attract ILM accreditation which can contribute towards a leadership and management qualification.  We provide lots of ideas and, sometimes challenging, suggestions, but ultimately the decisions people make for moving forward will be theirs.  The nature of these programmes is often personal and so we always provide a confidential and supportive environment providing space and time for people to think about themselves and their situations.  We give people opportunities to analyse their own situation and provide suggestions as to how they can move forward.  We adopt a ‘coaching’ style of facilitation on these topics and will never tell people what to do.

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  • negotiating and influencing – our workshops encourage people think about their personal approaches to negotiation and establish which of their behaviours are helping or hindering the development of a positive dialogue with others.  We help people to understand some of the theories behind effective influencing so that they can both use the ideas appropriately and be aware when others are using them.
  • communicating with clarity – excellent communication is a core skill for any professional.  Our workshops help people to explore communication from both a personal and organisational perspective, looking at communication models, personal approaches to communication, including style and approach, the importance of communication within teams and how to develop a communication plan
  • building confidence – the ability to feel and behave in a confident manner is important for all professional roles and our workshops help people to explore their ‘comfort zones’ and introduce them to techniques which will help them face things that worry them and step forward with confidence
  • using your time effectively - a key problem people tell us they have is managing their time and trying to fit everything in.  Our workshops help people explore ways in which they can be more effective in what they do and ensure that they focus on those activities which are important and core to the success of the team and the business.
  • dealing with pressure and stress – we look at the impact of pressure and stress both for individuals and teams, consider the causes of stress and introduce a range of strategies which you can use to avoid and/or manage stressful situations.
  • achieving work life balance – achieving the best work life balance for ourselves can sometimes seem like an unassailable target, but it’s something that is vital for each one of us.  Increased stress and the long hours working culture are playing a bigger and bigger part in our society and if we want ourselves and those we work with to remain healthy and motivated then it’s essential we know how to achieve and protect an appropriate balance between our work and our personal lives.  We help people to consider and identify what’s important to them, what they value and how to protect it and if the way they are leading their life aligns with their values.