May be you know you want some sort of training but you’re just not quite sure what it is or what it looks like? Of course you don’t have to limit yourself just to the courses we already run – and indeed it’s possible that the solution you are looking for is not even a training course.  In helping you find the best results for you we like to came and chat with you, find out what you are trying to achieve and work with you in partnership to find the best answer. Experienced in assessing training needs, facilitating workshops, working with groups and individuals, using coaching and mentoring techniques we are very flexible in our approach. Here’s an idea of some of the ways in which we might work with you:

  • building your business: sometimes its good to start with a chat, an opportunity for you to tell us what is is you want your business to achieve next. We can then help you decide what the right sort of development will be for your team. Sometimes this is one-to-one coaching/mentoring, or perhaps you would like a whole team to undertake a joint development activity?
  • developing skills: sometimes there is a clear need to people to develop a key skill which is essential for your business to grow – perhaps you’ve taken on a new project and you really need everyone to excel in  negotiation – we can help you do that.  Working in partnership with you we can develop the best training solution which will ensure that your folks develop confidence and abilities that they bring back to your business and use effectively.
  • facilitating attitude/culture change: sometimes businesses get stuck in a particular way of thinking or doing things.  We can help you to challenge and inspire your people and teams to encourage them to move forward with you.