Middle Managers

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Our middle manager programmes are for those who provide departmental/divisional leadership.  These people plan and implement strategy, they may lead change programmes, they will certainly lead projects and people and will have responsibility for planning and managing operations, people and resources.  They will monitor performance and control budgets.  We would also expect these people to have some responsibility for encouraging innovation, managing risks and contingency planning. They will usually work across the organisation and may have a cross-functional role

Key Competencies for this group include: a good understanding of the principles of effective leadership and management, information analysis and synthesis, financial and performance management skills, plus an awareness in other functional areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, research and development and operations.

Leadership Development Options for this group are designed to needs of those involved but may include a blended approach of self directed learning, peer group learning and facilitated events. Assessment of learning for accreditation is through written assignment including project work which demonstrates ability to address issues of change and innovation and apply this within their own work environment as well as development of own leadership capacity.

Accreditation options: ILM Leadership and Management (level 5) Award, Certificate or Diploma

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