Strategic Leaders

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Our strategic leadership programmes are for senior leaders, CEOs, directors of smaller organisations/large divisions within a large organisation.  These people will have significant responsibilities for setting direction, providing the vision and the direction for their part of the organisation.  They provide organisational leadership, optimise organisational capacity, develop excellent, lead change and ensure on-term financial stability and growth.

Key Competencies for this group include: advanced and effective leadership, critical thinking and research skills, building commitment to the corporate vision and values, ability to make hard decisions and solve problems, understanding of the key strategic issues in function specific areas such as human resources, marketing , finances, operations and research and development.

Leadership Development Options for this group are bespoke to the needs of those involved but will include a blended approach of self directed learning, peer group learning and facilitated events. Assessment of learning for accreditation is through project work and demonstration of the ability to build capacity and performance through enquiry based research.

Accreditation options: ILM Leadership and Management (level 7) Certificate or Diploma