Independent Learner Route – PROGRAMME LAUNCH

We’ve been happily running our level 3 Leadership and Management programmes since 2008 and we know we have a product which clients value – whether they are the employer paying for the course or the person attending.  Increasingly we are being approached by individuals who’d like to come on one of our courses, but since we don’t operate open programmes we’ve been unable to accommodate these enquiries.  The emergence of new technologies and, in particular, the growth of the MOOC made us think that perhaps there was a more innovative approach we could consider.  We chatted with Rachel Poole from ILM about our ideas and so the Independent Learner Route for our level 3 Leadership and Management programme was born!

It’s not a particularly inspiring title, but it does what it says and offers individual learners a pathway through our programme providing them with access to a blended set of materials. We still have some contact time, though this is limited to the beginning and end of the programme with some opportunity to meet up in the middle.

Having acquired a small number of delegates we lauched our pilot on the 14th January with something we inauspicoiusly described as a ‘kick off’ event at College Hall, Leicester.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how this 12 week pilot programme works and have high hopes of taking it forward into the future